Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Social Marketing is Fun

Hi, I'm Carla Lopez from Phoenix, but originally from El Paso.  I'm taking a some web and social media classes at University of Phoenix Online, and we have some homework to do write some blogs and set up some basic social profiles.  I'm thinking about doing this for local businesses and friends in the future. 

I got on twitter today, and found this great room from architecture digest. It turns out that I can actually embed the Tweet here. Let me share how to do that, in case it might be something you want to try. When you are in Twitter, there is a little down arrow next to the following box. Click that, then select "Embed Tweet". Here's a screen shot I took:
When you have done it, you paste in the HTML in your blog (in the HTML, not text mode), and it looks like this:
I am however quite sad that the image is not included with the embed. I was hoping to show you the lovely room here on my blog. So to do that, I had to save the picture to disk, the reupload it, and now you can see it below. When I get married, I'd like for us to put together a room like this; now I just have find the boyfriend.